Java Orange or BRG coloured mk2 Elise?

As a Lotus virgin, apart from the odd test drive and track day, I’m looking for tips on buying my 1st Elise Sports Tourer. What should I look out inparticular, questions to quiz the dealer on etc… I’ve got 21k to spend and currently looking at a java Orange 51 with 7k on the clock against a British Racing Green 52 with 1.4k on the clock which is 23k. Worth spending the extra?

TyroneWhy not take a look at RussT’s SWMBO’s sports tourer, in Ice Blue? Okay, so she’s done 20K motorway miles in it, but she don’t drive at warp factor speeds & at �19950…!

Cheers Mum. I will pay extra board this week.

If it was me… and i know it aint… I couldn’t resist a bite at the jaffa… [image][/image]

RoxYeah, but you Jocks need a vitamin C supplement [image][/image]

Playing Devils Avacado…Why not consider a VX220 ?It’s effectively an Elise with a better engine and better dealer support.Oh, and you can get a NEW one for �18K if you know who to ask (or �20K if you just walk into a main dealer)

[image][/image] [image][/image]