January 2001 CCC (Cars + Car Conversions)

Page 41:PAUL HITCHEN: LOTUS EXIGENot strictly a Seven type car, but absolutely stunning, the Seven of the new millennium, so-to-speak. Good power but not great in the torque spread department and not in the R500 league.183bhp @ 7900rpm. 130 ft lbs @ 6900 rpm----If anyone can scan that in, I’ll upload it here.Also, in the same edition, they review the latest Elise.

David…just bought the mag today…give me a couple of days to read it then I’ll rip it apart to scan!

SteveGreen = ScanMeister

Speaking to my dealer (SGT) on Saturday, an evolution engined Elise is being tested around Hethel. It produces 220+bhp and the report is that it is blinding and is alot slicker to drive than the 190. Its going to be in the Evo mag shortly and my dealer is aiming at getting hold of it in the next few weeks as a customer (a well heeled celebrity)is keen on having one fitted to his Elise along with Exige clamshells. This is what the Exige/340 really really needs… He says he’ll let me know when it arrives so I can have a go…I hope its not raining!!