Jamie's Time Attack S1 Exige. The Reincarnation........

Well, the time has come where I thought I’d start a new thread for the rebuild, as it’ll essentially be a fresh start for the car. The plan is to start work on it now so that we don’t have to rush and can take our time to think everything through properly. This will also help with the cash flow situation!! We’ll work on it throughout the winter months and well into next year, ready to hopefully do lots of late Summer/Autumn testing so we can hit the ground running for the 2015 Time Attack Championship.

So, for this rebuild I’m probably going to be leaving the bodywork alone and do that side of things properly at a different time with lightweight clams etc. Essentially though, I’m going to re-do everything else I can and have a proper tidy up.

There’ll be a whole load of new parts etc going into this build, however the main things that we’ll be doing are:-

Syvecs S6 ECU (with individual cylinder closed loop knock control)

New front loom, to replace everything that got damaged in the fire and lots of extra sensors throughout the car in order to make full use of the new ECU.

Bespoke M&W Pro 14 sequential CDI ignition system. This is probably the best capacitive discharge system available and should easily eradicate the problems we were having on track once things got hot and on high boost with our standard inductive coil packs. We’ll be working with a US company who are developing a package especially for the Honda K20.

Final spec still undecided, however almost identical to the previous engine, but with beefier pistons & gudgeon pins and slightly lower compression.

Fuel System:-
Twin Bosch 044 pumps. Large capacity billet fuel rail, fed from either end with central return feeding into a Bosch Motorsport boost referenced adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Also some much larger Injector Dynamics 2000ID 2225cc injectors. Possibly a fuel cooler too, but we’ll see if we would benefit from one first.

Bespoke Dry Sump system which will run off the oem chain system and all fit inside a normal size sump pan.

Bespoke removable tubular from spaceframe to replace the oem crash structure. This will allow me to position the engine radiator and big chargecooler pre-rad a lot better, making our cooling package much more efficient. It’ll also allow me to vent all the hot air from the pre-rad into the wheel wells and not the underfloor as it does now. It’ll also allow me to up the game in terms of front end downforce.

A few minor rear end tweeks, new slightly different diffuser, undertray, running boards. New front splitter design incorporating venturis which will vent into the wheel wells giving a huge improvement to front end downforce. I’m also going to be cutting away and re-sculpting a lot of the sill section from just behind the front wheels, going right back to the chassis and then back out to the sill again with a nice smooth transition. With a bit of luck this will allow all the extra air I’ll be pumping into the wheel wells to escape efficiently.

Well those are the main bits anyway and you’ve probably got the gist, but I’m sure I’ll come up with some other bits and pieces too.

So far, I’ve only spent a couple of evenings on the car, but I’m basically down to a bare tub now. The next job is to get the front crash structure off so I can start the spaceframe. I’m really, really not looking forward to this particular job, but have been given a few pointers by Junks on the best way to attack it. I’ll get some pictures up as and when I can.

Wish me luck…

Would it be worth exploring using solid state relays that can take a PWM from the ECU to vary pump speed, reducing how much you heat it all etc?

So much can be done with those S6 ECU, want one as I’m a car electronics junkie. You planning on going DBW throttle to simplify tq cut and blipper?

Look forward to it! Tis a great project.

Good luck dude, with the performance it had this year and some more time to sort out the bugs the 2015 championship should be yours for the taking, what you doing with your old aero bits, care to help a club class guy? haha

Don’t know exactly how we’ll set it up yet Tim, however I’m sure Scuffers and Sam will come up with some ideas. There are a few ways we could do it, but I agree, me must try and take full advantage of the ECU’s capabilities.

Regarding DBW, I haven’t given it too much thought yet to be honest, but it is something I’ll discuss at some point.

sure sam will get you onto dbw

look forward to seeing what you do with it, I’d love a s6

Good luck Jamie

Dbw is soooooo the way forward with a sequential box!!

Nice one Jamie sounds amazing. I’m still gutted that I did not get to see the car running this year. Anyways a good build thread to run parallel to Sean’s (eh Sean :wink: )over the winter months :smiley:

I’ve seen through your plan though bud, it’s not about building a car that’s dominant in TA it’s about having an excuse to escape the newborn and head to the garage,…‘oh was the baby crying darling,… I honestly can’t hear it when I’m under the car in the garage’ :laughing:

PWM to the ECU, DBW . . . FFS :unamused:

Well there will be absolutely no chance of hearing the baby crying once it arrives. My garage is now about 2 miles away from home! I started renting out half of my warehouse a year ago where I used to keep quite a bit of my car stuff and as I knew I’d have no room anymore, part of the deal included me being able to build a little 9m x 6m workshop next to it on an unused bit of land. Anyway, the plan is to make sure I get the worst bits of the car done before the baby arrives. So I’ve got until April. By that point I hope to have no fabrication work to do. Just a big jigsaw puzzle to work through.

Can’t argue with that Jamie, well done.

Maybe us southern boys should do a brands trackday next spring and call in afterwards and have a looksee?

I was at Brands yesterday as my middle boy turned five and wanted to take his little mate to the truck racing and fireworks. It was epic, we watched te last race on the exit of Druids as these monsters came round hanging the tail out :sunglasses: fireworks were great too. MSV getting it right for sure, a really great family Motorsport event with a superb turnout.

Love truck racing at Brands, it is one of the best places as well on the exit of Druids :smiley:

Ding ding dan ding dan deee…

Ade at the truck racing!

That ^^ is actually a fair representation of the clientele that truck racing attracts :laughing:

Even my missus thought it was entertaining watching a pack of trucks jossling for position on the exit of Druids. They were all showboating on the cool down lap and one of them got it spectacularly wrong and after a sustained 45degree drift got a Mr Whippy on and ending up facing back up Graham Hill with the rest of the field bearing down on him :laughing: I’m sure words were had!

Sorry for the thread drift Jamie!

Interested to see how you get on with it Jamie.


Not a lot of time has been spent on the car recently, although lots of planning work has been going on outside of the workshop. Still a few specifics to sort, but as time goes on, the more clear the picture of how things are going to be re-done becomes.

We’re down to pretty much a blank canvas now though and what’s left of the car is ready for a good old clean. Getting this initial clean-up out of the way will make me feel a whole lot better about things, because looking at a dirty wreck surrounded by workshop full of the bits I’ve just removed is a tad depressing!!!

At this point it’s worth mentioning that removing the front crash structure is by far the most horrible job I’ve ever had to do on the car. With a bit of advice from Junks, some specialist chisels made from scrap steel and a blow torch, I was feeling pretty confident about being able to remove this part from the car fairly easily and in one piece…

Well, after spending a considerable amount of time gently trying to persuade it to come off, whilst at the same time getting more and more respect for the chisel/flame/hacksaw/meat clever/cheese wire/nuclear bomb proof adhesive that was used to bond it on, the tool box was raided and the reciprocating saw unleashed. 5 minutes later, job done, although I don’t think the crash structure can now be classed as saleable anymore!!! Sorry Junks. At some point though, I just have to witness for myself, you getting one of these off in one piece, in the time you say!

Well, due to working my way through the never ending jobs list that’s hanging on my fridge, (courtesy of my lovely wife) that’s another couple of months of zero physical work on the car!!! Oh well, I’m in no rush. Well that’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

I have however spent a considerable amount of time further researching the various systems for the car, designing the space frame front end and trying to sort out the bespoke dry sump system.

The space frame is not far off in terms of design but has taken longer than I thought due to determining the best positioning for the main rad and chargecooler rad. We still don’t know 100% what will work best in terms of airflow, but I’ve decided to go with the safest, but most complicated option.

As far as the dry sump is concerned, we now have someone who will make them for us. We have had an initial meeting and a further more detailed meeting where Scuffers went through all of the design features in more detail. And with a bit of luck, this particular project will get underway soon so that the first prototype can be made, tested, the design can be signed off and the kits can be made available for others too.

I ended up re-thinking my fuel system and decided not to go with the original plan of twin Bosch 044’s etc, as I’ve tried to simplify things and also use the best quality components I can. Therefore, Pro Alloy are making me an internal collector with non-return valves for my bag tank. This will also have a low pressure pump feed from the opposite end of the tank just for good measure. 8AN lines will then feed into a Weldon 40 micron pre filter, a Weldon high pressure pump and then a Fuel Lab 6 micron post filter. This will then ‘Y’ off and feed into each end of a K-Tuned Pro 1000 fuel rail, which has the largest internal capacity of any rail I could get hold of. A central 8AN fuel return line will then feed into a Weldon A2040 fuel pressure regulator and back to the tank.

I’ve also changed my original decision to use ID2000 injectors and gone with the brand new ID1300 units. These will still be plenty big enough (and probably give us roughly 70% duty cycle) but more importantly are the only injectors which use 100% stainless internals and can therefore deal with any fuels and be maintenance free.

I’ve chosen Weldon Racing parts and specifically the Weldon D2015 pump as it’s the absolute best in quality. It flows plenty and won’t draw the current that 2x 044’s would, has a lovely linear flow graph plot and won’t heat our fuel. It’ll also do the job of both sucking and pumping, from any location. The only downside is that it’ll be loud!!! A small price to pay for peace of mind…

Anyway, I love it when late Christmas presents turn up :smiley:
weldon kit.jpg
fuel rail small.jpg

Great to hear you’re still at it Jamie. Keep at it.

Great stuff, keep us posted!

Cheers Dave. Still at it but at a much, much slower pace than I would like. To do this properly and for time and financial related reasons, I think this is going longer than I thought it would!!!

So, what’s this about you having sold your cars then???

Surely not!