Jamie, tell us about the quaiffe diff

Really interested to hear about you’re expirences with the new diff.
Likes, dislikes?


Have a look at the vid in the track section
Lost any wheel spinning comming out of the hairpin. The real telling will be when the sc is fitted. Never meant to be a mod on its own. Had minor understeer but that could be due to green track and cold conditions. Was not able to get temp in the 48s. Will be able to dial out any understeer if still there in warmer conditions.
The Ohlins on the other hand are the dogs…

The understeer Jamie’s getting now is more of a function of the fact that Plans Motorsport set up the car (and the diff) assuming that the car will have much more power. So it’ll be neutral with the SC fitted.

240’s are much better with a little exit understeer (a bit boring, but look at all modern race cars - they all are set up this way)

Plans now have done a few diffs and have got the critical setting right (the helix angle of the sungears)for the S2 Exige. In my opinion it makes a big difference in grip and makes the car much better compared to the TRD plate diff

(oh, by the way we also of course do the S1 PG1 Quaife ATB with a special helix angle - both diffs where designed for FWD applications so need to be different for RWD)

Abbeville definately proved I need an lsd on my 240, otherwise you just can’t use the extra power until you are nearly straight, very frustrating waiting to get back fully on the power…

So hi jacking the tread… which diff should I choose and what’s the cost fitted?

I would send Graham at Plans an email, he will sort you out.

email address is [email protected]

Sent a mail… Thanks!

I have an exige on order and would like to get the 265bhp Bemani conversion from Switzerland when it arrivies.

I have the choice of taking the lotus LSD or fitting the Quaife LSD as part of the bemani conversion.

I understand they are different in how they work, both having disadvantages and advantages. I understand from an american article that lotus themselves do not like what their lsd does to the handling, creating understeer. Do all lsd’s do this?

I do not want to upset the balance of the car, but with 265bhp and 250Nm i think i will need an lsd!

Does anyone have info about either of these lsd’s, their experience etc. They will both cost in the region of 1500 euro so price is not an issue, it would be simpler to get the lotus one but if the quaife performs better then so be it.

Do you have to specify the set up of the diff when you order it from Quaife or is its set up to do with how its installed.

iI would be grateful for any help or advice.


I would have a chat with either the guys at Plans or Lotus Sport. They both how ever favour the Quaife LSD. I have only positive things to say about the Quaife diff.

I have a quaiffe fitted to my audi powered car.

Here is my analysis, based on my training and experience - expect others to disagree with bits, but hopefully, not too much…

Essentially LSDs only tend to transfer power when you are actually in the corner, or if one wheel loses traction… That is the main point.

If you try to turn in whilst still accelerating, the weight transfer is towards the rear wheels, reducing the grip of the front wheels, so you can get understeer…

This is not really a function of the diff, but of not understanding the basics of taking the corner fast (pause for the backlash )

If you brake for the corner to get weight transfer to the front, and then turn in (often whilst trail braking) then you are not accelerating and the diff is doing nothing…

The weight on the front wheels helps turn in, and the lack of weight on the rears allows that end to come around nicely as well.

(This is all a matter of degree, since too abrupt a transition leads to lift off oversteer, and probably a spin )

Once you have started to turn in and the car has developed a turning momentum, you can be looking to put some of the power on as you near the clipping point (before or after depending on the corner) and then the weight balance should be about neutral, which gives the best cornering - all the diff is doing is to maintain grip…

What follows is a seamless application of power, coinciding with a reduction of the amount of steering lock you have applied, and the diff helps to keep both wheels driving…

I do not find the Quaife too much of a handful, so I would recommend it for most drivers - no doubt on specific tracks for specific drivers in specific conditions the Lotus diff might prove faster, but I think that for general purpose you can’t beat the Quaiffe


I understood that some types of diff can try to compensate for the differing wheel speeds when entering a corner. The result being that when entering tight corners the inside rear wheel tends to push the car straight on.

I would buy the diff over my german dealer red motorsport (who also recommend the quaife) the question is do i have to get it set up from quaife or is the set up something that red can do themselves.
Actually i could order it myself from somewhere in england and give it to bemani to fit when doing the conversion.

Jamie, which supercharging conversion are you planning.

This SC

From what I understand there are a number of variables in the diff that need to be set depending on use for this reason I would contact either Plans or Lotus Sport

Cheers Jamie

can lotus sport supply the quaife diff?

Yes they sell and recomend the Quaife

cheers, i think i will call them tomorrow.