James Brown Exige Sprint owner

Anybody on here know how I can get in touch with the original owner of my car…
Possibly from the Gool area
He might have been a track day attendee from 2008 to mid 13.

Just want to ask about the car and various special things fitted. :question: no probs :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Mr Bean

I feel good - hope you do too :mrgreen:

Clive - you used to be able to write to DVLC for this information?

I got a complete list of previous owners for a Lotus I owned from them - one of the previous owners was a certain Frank Worthington, who older viewers may recall was a rather decent kicker of a football…

I just knew someone would come up with that one!!! :angel:

And Yes I have found DVLA form V888…that should give me the answer.

Cheers all

Nice return to form Roberto :clap:

It looks like he had a login on Seloc and lives in Wressle near Selby.

He had an exiges login too but he’s not visited us since 2009


He also had a PH login too with the same name.


Try emailing from the page above, it may still be linked to a live email account.

Hope that helps…


Thanks a zillion Ben I’m on the case…

Too true!

Cheered me up no end :wink:

How long have you been waiting to use that image MrP?

Ben can also tell you what he watched on Saturday night. :wink: Or perhaps send him a bespoke advert to contact you! :smiley:

:smiley: :slight_smile: :wink: This is why I love this forum! huge smiles and Exiges…what more do you want…well how about Elle Mcpherson for a start :crazy: :confused:

That ok?

Works for me, thanks :mrgreen:

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It took a while for me to choose a suitable image, I suggest you might want to do similar :wink:

There is even a bit of landing strip showing :wink:

eh, I’m not that into elle - don’t worry I get why others ‘would’

I like em all about that bass

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