Jacking up

Hi Peeps,

I’ve had my new Exige now for 1 week and enjoying every minute of it, however simple things like jacking up the car to have the front wheels balanced are proving to be impossible. I have tried two garages in Tamworth who have a ground level ramp (so I can under the car) but do not have a jack which can then jack the front end up. Am I going to the wrong garages or is this a common problem?

Thanks in advance for any input you give,



1.Take some pieces of wood with you and drive on to them to increase the ground clearance …

  1. buy a trolly jack with a low saddle height - the 2 tonne one from halfords works i think … and take that with you.
    at least that the one I have with std height suspension …

  2. Find a tyre place with the above !!


Get yourself along to a proper garage…