It's back!!

I’ve been very quiet for a long time but now I’m going to be noisy.
The lil’ silver beasty is back!
Front been resprayed by Ewelme, lovely job, and they have painted the inside of the lamp covers with black paint rather than the Lotus method of black wallpaper (Whose idea was that? Lotus?) Looks gorgeous!
Engine rebuilt, new pistons, rings, liners, bearings, clutch, gearbox seal, cam belt and exhaust. Yep, I was boring - all standard.
I’d forgotten how sweet a k could sound!
Now the pleasures of running it in!

Good News Tone

Hope to see you & Diddy at some of the Mid Engined Races in 2006

Try stopping us!!
Though some old timer who is trying to do an MSc, when he should leave it to the youngsters, might cause the odd hic-cup

Tone - who did your engine rebuild?

Bet it feels like being reunited with an old girlfriend!

Have fun.

Sorry Alex, homework keeps getting in the way of fun and my mate dalwhinnie.
Ewelme did the paintwork and Sportomotive in Salisbury did the engine rebuild.