It's back!!!!

Finally got my car back last night following 9 weeks at Nick Whale’s. It went away to have a remote stat fitted, and to get the tappets shimmed. This turned into a full rebuild and balancing by Vibration Free.
What can I say? The engine’s really nice and smooth. It sounds loads better than it ever did before. Even the mechanic said “It seems much better than a normal Exige”.
Anybody getting your engine rebuilt, I can highly recommend getting your bottom end balanced. I must thank Simon Erland for his advice in this respect.
Let’s hope it all hangs together this time.

Great stuff!
And just in time for Christmas. (nice Xmas pressie)

I suppose you’re driving yours today (I am)

Oh yes. I’ll be driving it as much as possible to get it run in. I can’t wait to unleash the beast!

Nice one! What a great xmas pressie! Have fun

P.S. I’ll be doing my Santa in an Exige bit tom

Splendid news Brendan

Just going out for a quick Derbyshire dash in mine before the snow and all the relations descend

…and all the relations descend

Didn’t realise you were Gabriel’s brother

Look forward to seeing you in the New Year - have a good 'un

Superb Brendan…

nice chrissie pressie… hope it goes well.

btw was your car actually broke or did you just decide to do this… I can’t remember if you already posted in October

btw was your car actually broke or did you just decide to do this…

IIRC, twas HGF

Hope all is well in future, Brendan

ahh yeh…

vaguely remember, sorry bout too lazy to go look before asking… was that the one that filled the cylinder bores with coolant ?

Nope, my HGF was over a year ago.
This time, the engine was running fine, but it sounded a little bit rough. We thought it was just the tappets, but when sorting them failed to make much improvement, we decided to investigate the bottom end. Found lots of bits of metal floating in the sump. These turned out to be the remains of the big end shells. Then we found the pistons were worn, so it became a full rebuild. If I’d known there was going to be so much work, I’d have used an engine specialist rather than pay main dealer rates for the work, but there you go.

I must say I’m very happy with the engine now, it just doesn’t seem like a normal rattly K series. If anybody else is having their motor rebuilt, I would highly recommend using Vibration Free to balance the bottom end. Excellent value for money if the engine’s in pieces anyway.

I trust you have done the remote thermostat as well, right?

It would then be as it was intended to be.

Yep, the stat was the main reason the car went in to the dealer in the first place. Of course I had a faulty one from Elisparts, had to return it for a replacement. Nothing ever runs as planned