ITG vs Pipercross

Am thinking about changing the air induction on my mark 2 have been in a PPX exige which felt better at lower revs but which was vvvvv loud when combined with a stage 2. Does anyone have any experience of ITGs system -saw one at a track day and it looks very smart indeed.

pah!! you mean there isnt a huge airbox forcing air into the engine on the s2

no they saved that for the 240 R -and the toyotas are less likely to spontaneously combust than the Ks!


My S2 has the ITG in it and it sounds fantastic.

My old s1 had an Eliseparts 'Zorst and a K&N 57i Filter which was loud but from inside the cabin in the S2 Exige the ITG sounds the business.

It’s still too quiet outside though so a Stage 1 will be on soon. I think that set up will be just about perfect.

I have a stage 1 and the Reverie induction rig which probably works very similarly to the ITG and Hurricane. The sound is fantastic, the car is slightly quicker, and when you hit 6500, it is incredible. One of the interesting things is the sucking sound, particularily when the engine is cold, and the wind down when the ignition is cut. Sounds a bit like a jet.


Do you feel that you are getting any more power with the ITG or just extra noise?