ITG Induction kit creates MIL Lights??!!

Hey all,

I have a 05` S2 Exige and have recently put on a ITG induction kit. I have done approx 1500 miles until the MIL light came on, on the dash. The light remained for about 24 hours then dissapeared. I took the car into the dealer to be on the safe side and mentioned it to them. They immediatly asked if i had an induction kit fitted and they said this was the problem.
The mechanic then put his code reader on and said that the error cod was “P0171” which i believe means “system running lean”
This means the engine is getting too much air yes? I have read various things on the intenet and understand people get this problem.

All engine temps were as normal etc. Should i be worrying for a future problem?
I really want to avoid having the MIL troubling me!!

Can anyone give me any advice to avoid the light coming on or is there any adjustments i should make??

your help would be much appreciated.


I’ve got an ITG maxogen on an '04 and without issues. It was on the car when I bought it so don’t know if the MIL came on or not when it was first fitted. But, I would have thought that the self-learn on the ECU would have increased the fuelling if it was needed.

Maybe someone else more knowledgeable can confirm this?

I have my ITG Maxogen sitting in the garage waiting to be fitted tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes. Do a search as there are some threads directly on this issue.

it was lean when you fitted it then the ECU knew and remaped more fuel so it went back out.

now just drive :wink:

Cheers for your help MrD06.

Yep “I’ve got MIL too”…seems to be running fine now but who knows, I’ve had loads of issues with that bloody fault code either way I prefer the ITG every time BANG goes the CAM!

Anymore issues with the MIL swampy or all OK? I had another pop up to do with the idle at Spa but it went out later on. The ECU throws these things up from time to time but the cars runs quite excellent.

I really troubled with it when really I�d shouldn�t have but it came on during another issue to do with the O2 sensor loom. Better with the ITG then without it…the Cam change is such a non event, a bit like keeping the standard exhaust on

Fit the MAF ok?

15K miles with an ITG no issues at all.

It does appear to be luck of the draw, some people never have an issue, others have a MIL straight away, there is no logic in this

I’ve had the VIS on for 5000 miles with no issues. Been thinking of putting the original back on but I think I would miss Darth talking to me.