ITG air filters. Group buy

If anybody needs a replacement air filter without the backplate ITG will give us a special price (TBC) if we can get 5 firm orders.
PM me if you are interested.

Are there 5 K series powered cars left? :wink:

Debatable :cry: :cry: :cry:

Well mine’s soon to be K-series powered after spending the last two years powered by nothing but good intentions :slight_smile:

Yours will be better than new, best you never drive it :wink:

Pah… it’ll be driven and driven hard… regularly :slight_smile:

Cool :smiley:

BY GEORGE that looks nice!! :slight_smile:

DVA suggests cutting the manifold studs to minimum length to facilitate future removal if necessary.
Whos manifold is that George.??

Mr Bean - I may be interested. I just don’t know the condition of my current filter. It’s been in a good while but I leave it to whoever does the annual service to clean it. It’s not exactly the easiest thing to check quickly.

Any other takers to date?

Can you tell me what you have coated the manifold with?



Clive, The manifold is just the stock one.

Paul, The manifold’s coated with cermakrome… it’s a ceramic thermal barrier coating. I’ve coated the Manifold, flexi and CRP with it. Idea is to pass more of the heat down the exhaust and have less to deal with in the engine bay.

A co at the Race Retro show was offering something like this , coated both inside and out. Ouite pricy I remember.
Must look them up.
George did you ever produce a pattern for the heat shield??

Yeah it’s coated inside and out (although it’s not shiny like that on the inside, almost like a fine galv finish in there.

It’s not cheap. To do that and a few other bits was about 400 notes, so about 180 in the english monies.

And I never did do a pattern for the heatshield Clive, I just eyeballed it. Yet to see if it’ll fit. In the end, I had the old one there and just took some rudimentary measurements, bent it and then trimmed it afterwards to fit the approx size of the old one.

Hopefully it doesn’t require too much modification to fit when it’s on the car.

Might be interested in filters too. Need to check mine.

I do think just ‘assuming’ whoever does the annual service cleans the air filter might be being a little niave.

So far only a couple of slightly interested parties…so not looking too good.And now my own requirement has been sorted.
If you have that is damaged ITG will refoam it for you for about �75