Italian driving Shock

Talking to an Italain colleague and he tells me you can now get points in Italy …

Well you start with 20 and when you loose them your banned, you can loose them for … speeding and even tailgating

More serious is the fact that these new systems are being policed

So quite soon now there will be long stretches and suburb roads with no one on them, 'cos every Italian will be without a car - it just has to be

Can’t believe it will work.
Last time they did a big push on speeding the very minister that implemented the law was caught doing something like 140MPH, so nobody took it seriously.

Italian habits are hard to change…

Cannot believe it would work - having driven through Italy a couple of times in the MCoupe. Doing some very naughty speeds with the rear view mirror always filled with someone tailgating me (usually a Golf TDi ). Driving under-powered cars flat-out as fast and as close to the guy in front is part of the Italian psyche!