It had to happen

Well I had a very interesting trip to Zandvoort

and being towed by a crazy Dutch colleague at 90 KPH in torrential rain ( with no wipers ) was also “fun” - ( thanks Bart) especially as we took a “short cut” on another ferry - cue spoiler scrapping noises …

But … as usual Zandvoort was a great place to be, until my new alternator also failed at lunch - made it home with the warning light flickering and then permanantly on

Oh well, cant win em all …

You certainly have the most interesting trips to Zandvoort (the previous trip with the roadworks and the car trapped in the garage).

Good to see you made it and enjoyed most of the day, my car will need some TLC after the trip as well .

my car will need some TLC after the trip as well .

Crap sorry to hear that Mark - I mean it was going quite well huh

bummer… sorry to hear it Andy.

And did Mark have a problem as well ?

Rox - Not sure what was up with Marks - it was fine at the track

Damn alternator story is a pain though - just about to take it off again …

skint knuckles again…

have you seen the lovely weather we’re having at KH

It was fine while at Zandvoort or at least I couldn’t hear the problem on track. Anyway I blame Andy as passenger in the last session.
Very noisy on the way home.


Sooooooo The alternator story … I hope it ends - just finished putting it back - yes, yes it took all bleedin day but its a right pain, engine mount out, fuel filler pipe out of the way etc etc … BUT

Turned out that my new alternator from Van Sten was assembled by idiots - all screws holding diode pack loose and - the crunch one that was too short … yes it was making an intermittant contact and eventually, yesterday came out …

So I have a working alternator …

But a very bad sounding gearbox or something on overrun

Will be at Bedford tomorrow though … towing it there to be sure

See you tomorrow then, although I won’t be in the Exige.

Well it survived … job done


so what was/is the noise ?


so what was/is the noise ?


who said that ?