it fell off... but how to put back on!?!

this fell off


it used to go here


but has the craziest fixings ever… cant figure out how to get them back in the holes!


any ideas?

That looks to be a ‘‘butterfly’’ type fixing (plug). Like the ones used for screws in hollow/partition walls.

If so you’ll have to undo the screw & re-insert the fixing (the plastic plug bit)first, then carefully fix the screw again. It should be a fairly secure fixing…did you pull on it

The wooden floor doesn’t need fixed, it has to move according to temp & moisture

If you use supplements to move the weights, other things may become detatched over time too


They are philips cross head self tapping screws on my car

Halfrauds sell small packets of those fixings (or very similar - think they are the same??) for a few pence a packet

cheers for the info - might leave it for the time being, one of the TADTS rattles has disappeared since it fell off!