Issue balancing A048's

I had a pair of LTS 048 fronts fitted at the dealer (on drop forged wheels) which vibrated bad at speed, they use a mobile tyre fitter who then came out to do them again for me, I saw the readings on the machine and they seemed to be ok, showed zero on one and 5g on the other (whatever that meant!)

I did ask about aligning the yellow dot (lightest point on the tyre I believe) with the valve and would that help, but the fitter seemed to have a different interpretation of what the red and yellow dots meant :-/

Anyway, i still have vibe at high speed and at low it feels real skitty, are the 048’s notoriously hard to balance and I need to find someone with more accurate kit to do them? Should I ask a fitter to rotate the tyres so the yellow dots to the valve, is that going to make balancing easier?

Any suggestions welcome! Thanks

Hope this helps…

Nothing new there …notorious problem .thats why I switched to 888s or now ZZRs

Get the dots lined up correctly both front and rear and get all the wheels balanced, it might or might not go away, but as Clive has previously stated, most of us now use 888 or ZZRs due to this and cost issues…

My 48s are getting close… I’m waiting to hear what the new 888r is like.

Thanks all, the 048’s are only 1k old, so I’ll not be changing them for a long while yet, as suggested I think I’ll go get them remounted correctly as per the dots to give a better chance of perfect balance and find a fitter who will balance down to zero, not accept 5g as good enough.

yeah just poor balancing, go somewhere else.

the best balancing machines use a finger plate (picks up the 4 bolt holes) rather than mounting from the centre bore