Is your car fast?

While I understand the Exige is not the fastest car on the road/track, I feel mine should be faster in a straight line. By straight line I mean upon exiting a corner and accelerating away I feel as though the acceleration should be greater.

When on the track what cars pull away from you on the straights?

This winter I connected my intake to the LH vent in hopes cold air would give more horsepower and I put on a set of Magnecors as well (new plugs, natch). I also verified my throttle was opening all the way. Any other items I may be missing in my search for missing power?

How about an Audi Turbo engine… ???

You can then overtake GT3 RS Porches on the straights !!

Or make an offer for my engine??

You running a 190/Emerald ECU?

It’s not big on torque, I find GT3s pull away but I often catch them under braking/through the bend (depends who’s driving them).


What I meant by my post is that I feel as though my car is down on power. I’m not unhappy, just wondering. With only 13 Exiges in the United States I have little/nothing to compare against to see if my car is where it should be.

My car is a 190 spec (upgrade fitted at the factory) with stock ECU - FYI.


Clutching at straws, so apologies if these are daft questions:

Do you have a cat replacement pipe, or is the cat still fitted? Also, are two air filters still there, or just the one?

From a driving point of view, maybe a slower entry into a corner would enable you to get the power on quicker for the exit.

I have no cat and have only one air filter.

I don’t think I want slow my cornering speed - that’s where I make up ground (and under braking).

We appear to be just giving you the basic things meat.

I wonder whether what you are really suffering from is fact that the engine is focused on far more in the States than weight. The cars that you’re up against could well have much more power/torque and it shows up more than in the UK. I’d expect a well tuned 'vette or Viper to take some distance off you on the straight (but for you still to post a better single lap).

A don’t think the K-series will ever give you monster ‘kick in the back’ acceleration. I’ve only ever been really impressed (as in my spleen hurt!) by a tuned Ford RS200 group-B rally car - less than a ton with serveral HUNDRED ft/lbs!


This is why I asked the question as to what cars pull on you in the straights.

I have Vipers, Vettes, tuned 911’s, etc pull on me in the straights. My friends Elise 190S also pulls on me pretty good in a straight line.

I’m just trying to see if this is what I should expect.

I had an Elise sport 190 before my Exige. It certainly felt quicker than the Exige. I think the Exige is actually quite slow in a straight line. Aerodynamically it is quite draggy. I know a few magazines have tested Exiges and found the top speed to be less than 130mph. I had no trouble getting my S190 over 140mph indicated.
Have you got the UCR gearbox? It certainly makes the car feel quicker.

I have the UCR kit sitting in the garage waiting to go in. I also have the Dynamics dampers/springs ready to go on as well so maybe that will help increase my exit speed as well.


I think you’ll find it a much improved vehicle.

I was really impressed with improved damping/springs, makes the car feel much more bolted to the road (not that I’ve done it to mine yet). What spring rates have you gone for?


I have taken what springs they provide for the Exige which are 375/400, I believe? I underdstand many are running 600/650 so I may make that switch after a season on the 375/400.

I am running 600 / 650 and can pull 1.2 G on 048s on a good day…

That gives me a pretty good head start on 911s etc…

The cars that get me are GT3s and Porche Turbos…

And my 187 bhp Exige


I wouldn’t brag for too long, he’s gonna whoop your a*se soon!


And my 187 bhp Exige

When you appear alongside me in the middle of a corner, I find giving way an easy decision to take…

Then I’m off the gas and have lost momentum, and I don’t see you, that is until you do it AGAIN!!!

D’oh !!

Mine feels all done at 120 the needles moving that slowly!

Guess you need to check out on a rolling road to make sure you’re not genuinely down on power.

As others have said though, the Exige tends to hit an aerodynamic brick wall in a straight line, making the top end on track feel a bit inadequate with the standard VHPD engine… It could just be this. I’ve felt the same at some tracks.

Read that as “Mike Lane’s Audi powered Exige gobbled me up like I was parked the other week.”

Ive got 450/550 on mine, but I am considering changing a lot more after the race car i drove recently.
My needles dont stop at all they go straight off the end of the speedo and rev counter very quickly indeed as the noble 3r driver found out at the weekend.


“Mike Lane’s Audi powered Exige gobbled me up like I was parked the other week.”

I’m glad you said it was the car that gobbled you,

I am running 600 / 650 and can pull 1.2 G on 048s on a good day…

That gives me a pretty good head start on 911s etc…

The cars that get me are GT3s and Porche Turbos…

mike, massive grip indeed, what instrument do you use to measure the lateral g?