is this true?????????

HI GUYS! first post for me…so hello everyone! can you help?..i bought a new exige 7 weeks ago with factory supplied upgrades…ie induction kit(supplied by lotus) + stage 2 exhaust(supplied by lotus)…went for 1000 mile service and a cat by pass pipe fitting today…but was told "cat by pass"pipes do not exist for a stage 2 (lotus supplied exhaust)…IS THIS TRUE??? when i bought the car i insisted on these three parts to be fitted if i paid the full asking price

I’d have thought this was irrelevant. Surely the issue is does a cat bypass pipe exist for the Exige cat?

I don’t know how… but I heard that if you put a de-cat pipe on the new exige you could lose performance?!?

Same as Ozzer. CRP’s are not worth bothering with on the Toyota cars.

Had a CRP on my Blue Flamed S2 for a few weeks, didn’t seem any difference power wise just a little noisier. Cocked the emmisions up though, MIL light was on all the time although I believe you can get a part to fool the lektriks into thinking all is ok. The Blue Flame CRP does not fit Lotus’s exhausts by the way.

Miltek do a crp but only fits their exhaust, there is a company in the states but cant remember details that do similar but reading between the lines may do a standard exhaust crp aswell. Yes it will upset your mill light and on the standard s2 a chip can be wired in, presumabley one can be got for the yota. Dont about performance but my s2 sounded a lot better/noiser.

ok thanks for info!! looks like i will be staying green for now!!!