Is this possible / easy???

I should have asked this before I bought my Exige…

Is it possible to rebulid a english Exige to a european Exige, I mean to change the driving seat from right to the left side ? And how much would it cost if I gave the job to a workshop…??? any ideas???

No idea od cost, but propably a whack.

from what i understand chassis bulkheads are different amongst many other things which would make the cost far to much to consider. There is also the aspect that you would in effect be modifying the car which would decrease it’s value. Motorsport central seat cars are different, but the chassis # would always reflect it as a right hand drive.

do a search on rhd to lhd it was covered recently.

Certainly possible, and I don’t think it is too complicated. There is a chap on SELOC called Stefan who has converted a handful of Elises and maybe other variants, and I am sure he did produce a list of things that either needed doing or were nice to do. Go to SELOC and try a search.


Thought Stefan said the chassis were different ?

Nah, chassis are the same afaik (hence lots of weird holes on the passenger side…)

Try a search, it was discussed a few months ago.

I seemed to recall it wasn’t as straightforward/cheap as you’d want it to be.

Don’t let that stop you enjoying it though!