Is This Alloy Wheel Fooked?

OK sorry its not off the Exige but my girlfriends Smart car.


I’m using it at the moment and could not avoid running over a 4"x4" lump of wood, on the road. I was doing about 40mph at the time and it launched the car into the air. Both nearside wheels look the same.

So do I right these wheels off and buy some more or is there any way of fixing them?

Time to order some new ones, once alloy is bent you can’t get it back. It will just break if you use any force. Sorry mate.

Curious - is there legislation that prevents repair? I’ve had much worse repaired here (the States) without issue.

I would have thought that, unless there are cracks, or severe wobble, don’t worry about it. Seen and driven for years on much worse.

I wouldn’t worry too much unless it’s a driven-hard car.

Plenty of places that will repair that for about �30

or for the slightly more damaged

cheers…I’ll make some enquiries

So what was the out come of the damaged alloy’S???

Well I ended up getting two new ones if only so I could examine the damage more closely and see if they are repairable. New ones only arrived last weekend, so I have to take a few more pics and see if anyone will fix them locally before going considering shipping somewhere. Due to the low value of the front one it might be beyond economic repair anyway.