Is there such a thing out there?

I’m after a front splitter but without the number plate plinth? Is there anywhere that supplies one?

look to sector111
one in carbon fibre
regards Franck

Yep Essex (formally sincs) do one. I am not sure of the point though really as you will have nowhere for the front plate to go :confused:

Essex also have an offer on splitters going right now i believe. Offer closes at the end of Jan so best get on the phone tomorrow!

Cheers guys. Looking at a post on SELOC I think the offer runs until end of Feb, so have some time to consider my options. Its a toss up between this or a carbon Fibre item. Over time I would like to replace the side pods, rear spoiler and maybe the access panels with carbon items, so maybe a carbon splitter would be a better buy right now. Just unlikely to find one without the number plate plinth :confused:

I have a carbon wing and just picked up carbon sidepods, the front splitter is cracked but I wouldn’t replace it with a �1000 carbon one just to see it crack again. I think in the summer i might just wrap the existing one.

I have cheap carbon front splitters, side pods and front access covers. They are carbon over GRP, but look ace. Can do all 5 pieces for �750.