Is there a way…


Does anyone know if there’s a way to determine the original spec/ colour interior my s1 Exige would have come with from me? I know some cars have this defined through a number of lettering system on the VIN but I don’t believe that’s the case with our series 1 cars, is there another way that doesn’t entails spending £200 for the certificate of proviniance?

Only other way I could think of would be to contact the supplying dealer who may have a copy of the details on a sales reciept?

Contact Lotus direct. I have a build sheet for mine which gives complete read out of spec. Tells you how many cars share same spec etc. . Can’t remember who to contact but got a complete report for a few was nothing like £200 but maybe they’re cashing in on Ferrari-style Classic Certification

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Ended up passing by B&C by accident last week, they gave the same advice and I got a very quick answer from lotus :+1: