Is the TT conversion RELIABLE???

Anyone had it done - is it reliable? (I’ve heard doubts raised over cooling and headgaskets in general with all K series engines).

They’ve only converted 2 or 3 cars to 260bhp so far, so it’s too early to say.If you up the power, you’re going to up the heat generated, and therefore cooling will be more of an issue.I had a problem with my thermostat opening too slowly, and a dodgy expansion tank cap, which has caused some overheating problems.

quote:Originally posted by Admin5:I had a problem with my thermostat opening too slowlyWhat have they done David, lowered the temp rating of the thermo, fitted a remote stat ?

They removed the thermostat

I’ve got an TT supercharged 111s which has just done 10000 miles since conversion. I have had no problems and I do drive it hard!! The only mod. that I’ve done recently is to have a 82 degree stat. fitted, this keeps the water temp. below 95 even in traffic.