Is the brake fluid changed @ 6000 mile service?

Is the brake fluid changed at the 6000 mile service?I’ll get the hoses upgraded if it is. I’m making the assumption it is considerably more straightforward (and therefore cheaper) to do while changing the fluid (which I’ll also have upgraded).I was going to swap my pads soon too. Can somebody give me the three sentence run down of tips and tools.Ta, Ian [image][/image]

IanFluid change is 12 months/12K miles.However, the sooner you do it the better - so get it done NOW! [image][/image]Pads - I’m running Mintex 1144s - much better than the originals on the road, & no problems for me on track. They can squeel a bit, & they produce loads of brake dust, so keeping the wheels clean (to prevent corrosion) is a must. They are cheaper than the Pagids too.Only driven Russ’s car on the road (Pagids), but he used Mintex 1144s before the Pagids. He also has the Geary discs/bells which were fitted at the same time as the Pagids. He assures me that this combination is superb on track [image][/image]