is it too early to start talking about le mans ?

Well …

who’s going ?
what campsites ?
Taking your Exige ?

Our usual party of around 15, including the following in their Exiges, have already booked - we stay approx 10 miles away from the circuit:

Edwards Boyz

We travel out @ 23.45 Weds 15th June from Poole to Cherbourg, & return @ 23.30 on Tues 21st June from Caen to Portsmouth.

The ferries are already getting booked up, so you need to get cracking now

Ah no were all sorted … booked this years as soon as we got back from last years LOL!

our group goes out on the 14th till the 20th

Were camping in Karting Nord

never been always fancied it but why so far from the track?
price ? or is that as close as u can get?

I will be flying down in the Exige along with a samll convoy - maybe see you on the Ferry again Mr Pesky .