Is an Exige exhaust different from an Elise one?

Does anybody know if an Exige exhaust is different from an Elise one in the way it attaches?

Cheers, Ian

No it’s not, same flanges, same hanger positions.

Thanks Phil.

Badly worded question, sorry, I assume you meant ‘no it’s not different’ as in ‘they’re the same’?

Ta, Ian

Only on the fixings, the standard Exige exhaust is wider than a standard Elise one, therefor it will not fit.

Isn’t the Exige one also longer as it has to allow for the longer rear clam?


Either way, an Elise exhaust is not therefore an option.


Just been through the service manual. Why is there no real mention of exhausts/mufflers!?


Sorry to resurrect this… But I take it the Elise exhaust isn’t an option?

Is it just the tail pipes won’t clear the rear clam?

That and it better be rated over 200bhp or the baffles/whatever will wilt.


Will not fit at all, it’s to wide tried to fit my old one on my sisters elise and it was a no go. Plus it’s so heavy why would you want it.

OK, I’m looking the otherway round… Basically I’m planning to get Randy’s exhaust and sCRP off him once he’s got a new one…

But in the mean time I really need to ditch the cat and that heavy restrictive exhaust!

And there’s a couple of Elise SS exhaust on eBay that may do for the interim

I can really feel it now my flexi isn’t blowing anymore (which gave me great power TBH )… So lacking that noise and umph!

All the pipes are alot narrower so it will be restrictive.


This is the one I was lookinmg at if it goes cheap enough:

Too thin? I’ve asked what bore the pipes are but not had any reply :confused:


that looks to be way too small bore for us.