Is a TDR Performance airfilter noticable?


While My Exige CUP 240 is waiting for repair at Lotus Motorsport, I might let it service as well.

In their catalogue they advertizethe TRD airfilter. Will I notice the difference (in noice/ performance)?




If I am not wrong, by TRD, Lotus means the cover that is bigger than the original, I don’t think there is a TRD Filter. Usually, you can put a K&N with the new airbox (which is comes originaly from a lexus…)

You can consult my tutorial at the following url: [color:#3333FF]Install the cup airbox[/color]

In term of sound, I didn’t notice something on my S, perhaps because at the same time, I have put my Larini, so not smart from me.
On the performance, I don’t see anything but this upgrade doesn’t cost a lot (60� → if you do it yourself…) and you can’t be wrong as we provide much air to our engine.

Agree with fred, you cant really notice any difference performance wise (I expect you need a tune of the ecu to see the benefit). As for noise, I herd lots of reports about the supercharger being louder but I really cant tell any difference… The only thing I hear is the suck of air when you rev it.
I have the airbox and TRD filter (dealer fitted) I cant really see the K+N being any different as the TRD is a highflow anyway.



I’ve got one sat in the garage.

It’s a different box and filter element.

Might sell it as it’s been sat there for ages and my car has plenty poke already.