Irish Newbie - hello

Hello all,

Newbie here and long time lurker. I have been meaning to post up for a while but life has got in the way lately. Based in N Ireland so out side of track days or meets I have never seen another Exige on the road here.

I have a 2004 Yellow Exige. Pretty standard except for Carbon Fibre side pods, ITG, RS42�s and a Stage 2 (yes it is broke).

My second Lotus, the first was a lovely 1997 S1.

I already have done 7000 miles in the last few months and I am loving it.

A few shots of my baby, sorry not the Worlds best photographer.

Switzerland a few weeks ago:


And at home:


With a few other Lotus owners:


Which model is black beauty on the end?

Welcome to the wonderful (& sometimes surreal) world of

Isn’t yellow a bland colour?

How dare you, Mr P!

And “failte” to our new member

How dare you, Mr P!

Simple, mon ami. It only applies to S2 owners, cos us proper Exige drivers are way above such mundane squabbling matters

That is a prototype S3 Exige being tested on Irish roads.

The Lotus guy said they had a few weight savings to do but essentially that is it.

But, of course. I should engage brain before hitting keyboard.
Have ever had an Irish tour?

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Very nice colour too!

Cheers from Switzerland

Welcome! Im also relatively new here. It’s a nice place thanks to the crazy old hooligans.

Welcome… you chose the right colour…

Hello, and nice car; identical to my old 2004 exige. I took it over to Dublin at new year, and it was crazy the attention it got, dont think I could use one daily over there!

Have ever had an Irish tour?

Well, Kneivel77 keeps his in the garage 24/7. Does that count

Like the Irish redundancy, then . . . quit in a huff before the cash is offered.