IOW SELOC meeting Exige Owner

Who did I meet on the IOW this Sunday had a 10 minute conversation about Exiges but forgot to ask your name all I know is you own a azure blue Exige that currently resides in Germany?

Not me, but “Hi Simon” long time no hear from. Regards to E.


I know it wasn’t you, yours is ‘grey’

Gunmetal actually! A rare and prestigious colour.

Hope you find your man.


Hello “Turner”
I was the chap lucky enough to see all those Lotus’ in one place. Hey, you don’t see too many on the roads over here, so it was a, albiet brief, pleasure to chinwag with another owner.
Hope you had a great day on the beautiful Isle of Wight.
Well, V busy at the moment, but will try and catch up later.

Blimey Stuart - seems like you’re making up for all that lost Exige driving time - good to see you at Le Mans btw

Nice to know you and E are still Exiging Simon - long time, no see - doesn’t seem to be as many ‘gatherings’ this year

Simon E
we must be like ships in the night, we were also at Le Mans
, saw Edwards Boyz and co. Our next trip out will be to Brands Hatch to watch VVR not to far for us. Hope you are both well,
Simon and E