I’ve just realised that when I’m logged on I do not appear in the Who’s Online section. I checked out my profile yesterday and having accepted it without making any alterations, my name appeared in the Who’s Online list.
This morning I was not showing despite being logged on. I went to my profile again, saved it and miraculously appeared on the Who’s Online section.
Just wondered why . . never know who might want to make contact to offer me �100,000+ for the yellow peril

Who said that :slight_smile:

Me, over here in the corner.
Not showing up now,either Am I one of the two"spiders" listed as being online?

Ooh, I’m there now. Do I only show up when I read a post?

There’s always a spider or two on line. Pehaps they live in the cars & share stories on line :confused:

Who’s Thommo btw?

just noticed is doin it t me to!


until i just posted?

Me too…but when reading posts earlier I was visible

Visible after the post also