Introduction Turbomier [Exige S RGB #108]

Good day to all,

Here to introduce myself and to learn more about exiges.

My name is Raf aka Turbomier,
40y of age and living in Belgium.
I allways driven the more sportier cars, mini with motorswap, swift GTI, polo GTI, Golf 7R, Golf 8R, Honda civic EE9 with B18c swap etc etc…
Problem is i allways got in trouble with the law or MOT (wich is a real problem here)
So i came across Lotus…
The brand wich made track cars for the road.
After driving a S3 Elise from a friend, i was sold.
He told me, there was a cool exige for sale at one of the 2 lotus dealerships we have here.
So it diddnt took long to go and have a look.

There it was… Aspen white Exige S2 RGB #108
Interior mostly carbon fibre parts, larini backbox, itg intake.
They saw i was interested, let me do a testdrive.
With the guy from the dealership next to me, we took off.
Fell in love and bought the damn thing right after that.
Own it about 3 years now, no regrets whatsoever…

I’m on a mission to tackle the weak bits.
In the first week i upgraded to a bigger diffuser allready. Looked so much better imo!
Had a custom shifter made from Manuel “dolomiti shifter”.
And upgraded the dash to a digital AIM unit.
The dash is allready installed, the shifter is about to go in on short notice.
The Yokohama a048 tyres, wich were old and not that good of a ride anymore are switched for nankang AR1’s, grip is insane!

Future plans:
Baffled sump
Innovative a75 motor mounts
2 piece brakediscs
Pagid RS14/ ferrodo ds2500/ or something similar.
Braided hoses
New gear cables (upgraded ones)
Nitron suspension

Maybe a better intercooler
Maybe PPE header and cattless set up.

Powerwise i think it is pretty good, i have had much faster cars as the lotus.
But nothing comes close to the driving experience.
Its a supersized go-kart really.
Still verry much in love with it, as for now i dont think i will ever sell it😆


What a fantastic first post Raf and welcome to

What part of Belgium are you from?

Your car looks lekker


I live in the Limburg region, Lanaken.
Its close to the border of Netherlands.

Ah! I am not familiar with the north of Belgium. I know Mechelen , and now Spa region .

Mechelen i know, used to be a big car show in Mechelen Expo.
But that is a 1,5 hour drive from where i live.

Spa i am more familiar with. That is ±30min drive and it is also where Francorchamps circuit is… But you allready knew that probably :laughing:

I had no idea there was a big car show there. I go for work :see_no_evil:

Spa is a wonderful circuit. Was there a few weeks back for the classic. What an event.

Anyway - I digress. Please more about your RGB

Love the RGBs. Just come back from Belgium. Some great roads, some not so great (rough)

Where are you from?

I’ll post some more pictures of it in near future, got some upgrades on the way :wink:

Belgium is not known for good roads… Terrible.
But if you know the good places, you can have great fun along the way. :wink:

Welcome! Beautiful car!

Been to Lanaken often when I was living close. Still remember some places like that chrome restaurant with all kind of movie items in it.

And the best, close to circuit Zolder!

Ah, you are refering to Filling station?
I live verry close to that place, 500m or so😆

Zolder is big fun, but verry demanding for brakes and tyres…

What a great car and nice upgrades. I love a white Exige RGB! Welcome and congratulations.

I struggled with the standard brakes on my 430 Cup at Zolder but I think better pads (RS14) will sort that out. A day at Spa followed by a day at Zolder was a great trip last year.

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Yes filling station! I lived just over the border near Maaseik, close to Thorn (NL)
Still have friends in that region.

Yes Zolder is demanding but I love it.