Internal diameter of the fuel hose?

The stock fuel line that goes to the injector rail, does anybody know what is the internal diameter?

I’m asking because I need to fit the SPA gauge pressure sensor, but need to order the correct adapter for the standard fuel line, and didn’t just want to cut it to measure (and wait until I get the adaptor, and be Exige-less during the weekend)

Anybody has one of those lines laying about that they can cut? or have measured in the past?

I don’t have the diameter, but (FYI) if you’re trying to splice in a sensor, Lotus Motorsport has an adapter for the fuel line (originally for the Stack logger). No changes or splices need to be made to the line. Let me know your email and I’ll send you 3 pics of it on my car.

Hi Uldis

It’s 8mm bore.


Thanks Beto, got the pics, and it’s certainly a good way of putting in the pressure sensor without cutting anything. Will see if i can find or make one.

And thanks Bernard, will order the 8mm bore one if I can’t make the adaptor.



can you post the pictures - it sounds interesting…

THis is the pic that shows it better, although the sensor I am using is much smaller.
But in essence it makes it possible to fit one without cutting and splicing anything.

Will see if they still make it, but gave me an idea on how to make something slightly different.


FYI - this installation has weathered approx 5hrs of track driving. No issues yet. This sensor is so oversized it’s Monty Python-silly.

so only a couple of trackdays?

You got it - 3 track days to be exact - I am a new dad - 6 months now, and the baby’s a lot of fun so far! Car languishes on stands, in the midst of rear bump steer setup - been that way for 2 months.