Intermittent Light On Dash - Battery

So I’ve been running in the new VHPD engine fitted a couple of months ago and today clocked up 1,000 so I can now open it up an extra 500 revs for each 100 miles (according to Mike / Horizon).

Therre seems to be an intermittnet flashing red light on the battery warning logo in the Stack. Seems to be more prevalent when cold and giving is some push. Drove 100 miles or so today and only noticed it twice, at the start of the journey.

Anyone had similar experience / any ideas? If it was the alternator I think it would be on a bit more, wouldn’t it?

Not long til I can start giving it proper revs!!!


Sounds like the alternator is on the way out, sorry.

It’s a common problem - they’re not designed to run at the revs available with the VHPD. You should be able to get a reconditioned one (exchange probably) for about �80.

Could also be nothing more than a loose connection… The whole lot would have been disturbed quite a bit during the rebuild. Ask a car sparky to check it out FOC…Halfords!


My glass is always half empty…

Right now mine is too… another red wine please!

I was kinda worried it might be the alternator starting to go, coz my glass is usually half empty (or less) with the engine having to be replaced…

I’ll get it checked out though - good idea!

Cheers guys


…unless it is actually the handbrake/low brake fluid light that is flashing…