Lotus Exige For Sale
2001 Exige for sale. 379 KM only!!!
Not a scratch, a dent or anything on the car.
Right hand drive car can be shipped anywhere. S. Barret Dolph 0921-828-714 (Taipei, Taiwan) Email here
(expiry date: 20 - 8 - 2003)

Only relevant for the UK, but I doubt that the car in question has passed/will pass the UK SVA test - so cannot be road registered. Very happy to be corrected if I’m talking rubbish

From Lotus BBS

Thread: Why Exige?
Posted 12 July 2003 at 16:51:25 UK time
Stanwood Dolph, Taiwan, Asia
I can buy an Exige which has hardly been used for about half the price of an Elise. Why is the Exige less popular? Also, does anyone have a picture of the Exige engine. One Exige which came to Taiwan had the engine switched with an Elise engine.

PS. I now have an Elise S2.

Posted 12 July 2003 at 21:21:20 UK time
ADovey, Halesowen
See answer on !

Posted 13 July 2003 at 03:59:30 UK time
Taku, Japan
I have a Lotus Exige in Japan.
I have a engine which has been written elise on it.
I think the exige you saw has real engine for exige.

Posted 13 July 2003 at 12:32:26 UK time
Stanwood Dolph, Taiwan, Asia, [email protected]
Do you ever come to Taiwan? I went to Japan in June. If you ever come to Taiwan send me email.