Interesting reference site.

Check this site out for info on car specs, lap times round the Ring and Hockenheim. Lotus S1 & S2 info if you go to the ‘single test’ link.

Track Challenge


Interesting real-world figures.

Thanks for the link.

I don’t know about real world, the S1 190 was always specified as 0-100(KM/h) as 4.7s and there it says 5.9

Also the weight should read 785 Vs 796 Kg…

Also, bear in mind that most S1’s were tested with A039’s and we know how much quicker it goes with A048’s.

But the acceleration especially tells me there’s something strange.

Wondered who would bite first!

Real world drivers perhaps? It’s a bit of an art drag starting an S1 as the VHPD bogs nastily for the unnaccustomed…

Agree there are some unexpected figures, not just Lotus, but other cars too.