Anyone use Quinn Direct for insurance, just did the insurance quote on the Autotrader site and they came up cheapest by a long way.
Are they any good ???

Dunno but I found First Alternative very cheap…

Just tried them, it works out at �120 odd more.

The other place is �390 full comp or �450 with protected no claims. (but i an getting on a bit now )

�390 – that’s a stunning quote methinks…

Yeah i thought that, seems a bit to good. thats why i asked about them.

…made me wonder too…

I understand a few of the forum members use Auto Torque.

Have any of you had to claim through them before and if so, how was it handled? Was the payout / repair a smooth process?

Well i have used with them so will keep you posted on any problems.
They seem ok so far

Whilst there’s a thread running, and as I’m about to pick up my new toy on Saturday from DreamMachines in Heathfield, I guess I’ll ask the “done-to-death-question-on-car-lists”:

Can anyone suggest a good insurer for an Exige that’ll live in Central London? I�m looking to ensure that I’ve got European cover, and track days.

All suggestions gratefully received.

The trackday cover cuts the choice down best known ones are the Lotus approved AON (go through the Lotus website) and Esteem also do road and track policy (�26 per trackday)

Its well worth it I have had to pay through the teeth for each trackday this year. Will be going get an all in one policy next year.