Is there a standard fix for exige insurance these days ?I’ve searched the rest of the site and it looks like Lotus Esteem, but its all a bit old.I’ve contacted autotorque for an online quote.Any advice?

Tesco’s are cheap…

Esteem were the cheapest for me followed by Cheam, Tesco then Bell Direct.�590 pa inc track cover (restricted to 5000 miles per year)Got loads of numbers and contacts if you need them.Rob are the cheapest I found but no trackdays.Esteems latest cover is from AON and (for some reason?) I was given unlimited mileage as I believe the Exige is now deemed a Classic (presumably because it is no longer made). Includes trackday cover but with a 10% insured value excess.I’d recommend them.Ian [image][/image]

Yep…we are driving what is termed as a future classic (for insurance purposes). This can mean that you don’t have to worry about 2 cars and only 1 lot of NCB.

Not just for insurance purposes I hope [image][/image]

Esteem were cheapest/best for me (July 02). For track day cover they will want evidence that you are not a novice/infant/maniac - a track day instruction certificate will do as, of course, will a race licence.Mike

i just got cover from autotorque thanks to pesky , speak to john ormerod who has an exige . price was the same as with axa direct but includes track day cover and upgrades, neither of which axa will do . it is a future classic scheme and yes doesnt require a ncb. weird to have an insurance broker actually encourage you to make your car go faster !! nice bloke to deal with as well and would imagine you wouldnt get any **** in case of a claim …

hey ive been ****ing censored !

Thanks Roger [image][/image]

pff, these rock stars swearing all over the place ;-)i’m with Tescos but am setting something up with a Lloyd’s underwriter for all our cars on the basis that the underwriter actually knows me. i might look into getting group cover for a few Lotus owners who have a good track record as it will be much much cheaper. (I will also be including track days on my cover)Christine

Christine, as a new owner of an Exige i would be interested in the lloyds scheme. for ‘good rack drivers’ would Lotus skill days and no prangs on x6 track encounters??I tried Esteem through AON and they were cheap, Mark.

I have been planning to put something together after Xmas (as no rush for me as I just renewed with Tesco Im afraid!). But The underwriter has suggested that I get together several friends who can provide more than 1 car for cover and with good claims experience. i was going to talk to him again after Xmas and work on their standard policy wording so that there is full track day cover.Will post something up when I have further details.Christine

What about multi-car policies Christine? You and Mark have quite a few cars after all. [image][/image] One policy that covered them all (and included track cover) would be handy.

Good idea - I think there are a few of us on here who could benefit from that! Even better if it includes bikes as well as cars!Cheers

That was the plan Ally!Mark -will let you know then although not sure if want to get involved in bikes too Im afraid!C

Dont like advertising really , but we have several schemes with track day etc … please mail me if you want any details etcand i’ll do my best to helpJOHNO

Hi Christine,Just renewing Mrs G’s Yaris insurance and looking at buying a run-around for the station run has made me rather interested in your multi car scheme.Can you let me know how you get on with your investigations.Cheers, Ian [image][/image]