Who are the best people to speak to for Limited mileage Policy on an exige ??

Many thanks


Speak with John Ormerod (Exige owner & Co boss) @ Autotorque Insurance on 0161 278 5226.

Thanks very much, Have given them a call. Awaiting the price which i am sure will be Large !!

Thanks again


would be interested to hear what your quote is.

Mine was �900 - 6000m limit. 26yo 4ys no claims, off st parking (no garage) clean license, live in Hertford. 25yo gf as named driver (mistake?)

Be prepared to pass out as I am trying to insure my new arrival as well ( M3 Convertible ) Exige is �2200 and M3 �3500 ( hahahahahahahahahah ) I think i am going to continue with Elephant at �900 per year for the exige and the mrs is going to insure the BMW for less than half with me as named driver.
God bless elephant !!


Seems quite an unusually large difference in quotes there! Have you yet phoned Elephant (rather than just obtain an internet quote) to get a definitive premium? Do you have a claims or driving offence history, which may be adversely affecting the quotes? Reason for asking is that on oter bbs I have read stories that Elephant’s internet quotes often vary to the actual premiums required!


Their policy is a classic one and has unlimited miles. You have to pay extra for trackdays (about 30 quid) now but they were easily the cheapest for me.

Give Nick Bailey a call on - 01483 706057 [and tell him I sent you in case he’ll be kind to me come renewal!]