Insurance Rock and a Hard Place

After all the recent chat about declaring ALL ‘non standard’ items and modifications, I decided to do this!

Email sent covering… side scoops, front splitter, rear diffuser, snap off wheel, de-cat, Emerald, porting, 1227 cams, R888 in place of AO48, dampers, EP Ally Belled with Pagid 42 etc etc…

Phone call today! Yes we can cover you Sir, that will be an additional � 127 pounds!!!

I asked ‘How do you justify that increase’…

Well, you car is now faster and the tyres are those slick type that are used on track days!!!

Yes, however is now stops better, handles better and only has 10 BHP more than ‘standard’… besides AO48 and R888 have virtually the same ‘tread’…

Sorry, that is the premium!!!

Paid up… GIVE UP!!!

Any similar stories!!!


Sounds very reasonable for the extent of the mods in my opinion.

Its the price to pay for mods. I changed the alloys on an A6 and got �40pa increase so I think you did well.

Oh and you won’t get any value in a claim for those either.

Painful but better than getting nothing from your insurer if you prang you pride and joy .

Painful but better than getting nothing from your insurer if you prang you pride and joy .

Agree 100%! That is why I emailed them!

Dont get me wrong… I have no objection to an additional premium, it just was more like a number picked out of the ether than anything else!

I declared the following for my S1 Elise

DVA 200bhp engine
oil cooler
oil temp / pressure guages
Nitron springs / shocks
stiffer ARB
Motorsport seats
EP cross drilled / grooved disks
Pagid pads

They stopped me, said “OK we get the general idea, that’s fine and thanks for telling us”.

No change to premium (Heritage, with trackdays FoC).

Mine, annual �840, no track days and �191 for the mods through Performance Direct! I’ll be calling Hertitage

Actually who was company handing out leaflets at the Lotus Show Donnington they wanted �1500 and �150 for Track days…why were they even there