Insurance Renewal

It’s that time of the year for me, and I know this subject has been thrashed over many, many times but I’ve a question that I don’t think has been answered directly - so here goes.

Being very honest and not willing to give my current insurance company ANY excuse not to pay ( should the unthinkable happen ) they are aware of my upgrade from the ‘standard’ 177bhp → 190bhp ‘modified’ Exige specs. Needless to say they have great pleasure in treating me as a 38-year old boy-racer in a ‘modded’ Exige - and charge me for the priviledge.

So my question … As a Lotus supplied ‘option’ is this truly a ‘modification’ that I have to tell my insurance company about? What is the collectives opinion of over-looking this small detail when insuring their cars? Who are the most sympathetic companies to speak to (Tesco etc)?

Sorry, that’s actually 3 questions …

And no, I don’t work as an insurance claims investigator looking to catch someone out, before anyone asks!!

Quite simply - don’t mess about, tell the truth, & yes the 190 upgrade is a modification.

Sorry, but you did ask.

That’s fine … and exactly what I expected … but there was no harm in asking. I’d already asked the insurers, but they may have had a vested interest in telling me what they told me - so I thought a free second opinion can’t hurt

Oh well, time to start calling the ‘usual suspects’ and see what they’ll quote me this time …

Just out of interest whats the position on insurance when the honda v-tec is fitted ???


No problem for me - Autotorque rule

Agree with above sentiments… Autotorque very competitive and accomadating - gave Elephant a run for their money and included some track days…


Yep try autotorque …sorted me out and 'er indoors minicooper S far cheaper with the Norwich Union than broker I’ve used for years.