Insurance query


I want to put my car onto a committed agreed value policy when it renews shortly. I’ve been a bit slack about it, but want be bit more sensible !

Two questions, any recommendations (I’ve heard Henderson Taylor mentioned in the past).

Does anyone have an agreed value policy on a S1 Exige now, what sort of value are you getting/requesting?

Very wary after some feedback re insurers valuing a car after a friend had an accident in a modern classic recently and is now having to argue re reality of its replacement cost. Bit of wake up for me!


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Henderson Taylor and Classic Line have always been pretty good for me with agreed value and track days, although I have not had a make a claim yet luckily.

Might also be worth asking who the underwriter is as ERS could be one to avoid from what I have read and heard :+1:

Henderson Taylor here, agreed value and track days, just renewed. Premium was up quite a bit (like everything else). I think track day cover is harder to come by these days. Given that one bash can easily write of an S1 I thought the premium was ok.

My S1 Exige is on an agreed value policy (and limited mileage) with Manning. I could have included track days, business mileage, commuting as options. My Evora is with them too, on a similar policy, and previously I’ve used REIS with agreed value.

Manning request the valuation be updated every 2 years, so my most recent one was July 2021 at £42,000.

Thanks for the feedback, I was interested as listened to a Carmudgeon podcast and was curious re true value to replace a car v what a commodity insurance company pay. Made me a bit more sensitive to getting car properly insured and valued.

I’m with classicline, agreed value, TD’s, European breakdown. The underwriter was ERS who I looked into and worried about the reviews but Frank at Option 1 took care of all of that so there were zero issues.