insurance on modified cars

Im looking to buy back my Supercharged Exige but ive hit a problem. The insurance company that used to insure me (tesco) now say they cant because im not 23 even though they did last year. Stupid but true. Anyone no some good companys that will insure me at 22? i did get told of a company but cant remember the name or number now.

You could try a site search for Competition Insurance and Esteem.

Good luck!


I had a few issues when I got my conversion done but eventually got insured with Adrian Flux for less than I was paying before. Give them a call.

I have found Priviledge to be the best at the moment. �700 on the Exige. The second best qoute I got on the 355 was �2600 when I was 27. Priviledge got it down to �980! and covered me in Morocco! May not have mentioned the Gumball mind you!


Try John at Autotorque 0161 278 5226

He’s an enthusiast and Ex-Exiger. Covered my Emeralded, Janspeeded, Muttsnutsed Exige for a ridiculous �430!!