INSURANCE for a 21years old

Im guna turn 21 in April and Im aiming to get mt dream car a Black Lotus Exige in the Summer!The only problem is although I have been working like a tropper at get enough money 2getha to make my dream puchase! Its sunddenly hit me thats theres a good chance no insurance companies would insure someone of my age!AGHH! Hightmare!Does anyone know of a company who would insure me, or is there and advanced driveing courses that I can take which will insure me!help! I gotta get my Exige!

You won’t have any trouble getting insurance. The challenge will be paying for it.Cheam are probably the best place to start.Few places are interested in any form of advance driving certificate.

Do a search on this site for Lotus Esteem details and give’em a call.Ian [image][/image]

I’m 22 later in the year and will be looking to get an Exige/Elise.As a 22 year old with 5 years NCB living in Birmingham, Tesco quoted me about �1400on an Exige without tracker, and I think the price came down a few hundred with one.Bear in mind however, that Tesco no longer do track day insurance - used to be covered under standard policies, but has since been cancelled - and whats the point of buying an Exige and not being able to take it out on track? [image][/image]As for driving courses, they’re pretty much ignored by insurance companies. You might want to try - for your own benefit though. At 21 I still consider myself (and many others of that age) to be a fairly inexperienced at driving, despite myself owning a variety of fast FWD hatches. Mid-engined RWD is a totally different kettle of fish, and I don’t want to end up sticking a my 20k Exige in a hedge with my own over-zealousness…I’m making assumptions, however [image][/image] for all I know you could have been in motorsport since you were 12 and been in a dozen high power RWD cars by now, but I’m merely making a recommendation if your in a similar situation as me [image][/image]Good luck, anyway!

quote:Originally posted by MattyB:Bear in mind however, that Tesco no longer do track day insurance…Lotus Esteem cover you on track, with a 10% car value excess, if you can prove you have track experience (eg. Lotus driver training).Ian [image][/image]

[QUOTE]Originally posted by IDG: Lotus Esteem cover you on track, with a 10% car value excess.They have just changed things on that!!!You now have to pay 0.1% value of car for each track day [image][/image] guess only �20-�25 so not too bad!!!Still good policy though as you get european track cover as well, sounds good for a Nurburgring trip [image][/image] [image][/image]

Im 23 and have just paid �820 fully comp with norwich union direct for my exige, no track cover though i have 5 years ncb. lotus esteem wanted over four grand ha ha ha.regardsgiles

At the end of the day, recommending insurance companies is difficult as they vary so much for different peopleWhereas Lotus Esteem may be excellent for over 25’s they may be extremely uncompetitive for younger drivers - probably because Lotus ownership is rare in under 25’s In this case, “general” purpose insurers who cater for 95% of cars and all drivers may be a better bet.As with most cases, the only solution is to phone around…

Cheers for the advice Matt