Insurance Confusion

Long story - so I’ll cut it short

When I first had the Exige had problems with insurance, I had not had any private cover for 8 years - but run a company car.

All insurers said “tough” - back to Zero or give up your company car and get a letter saying so - er yeah right

Eventually went with Esteem as they could do it on a “Classic” policy - with no NCB and no NCB build up.

Anyhow just spoke with Ford Insurance ( mother just bought a Fiesta and they do free insurance for 7 days ) and they would cover me with 5 years protected NCB with just a lettter saying I’ve been driving a company vehicle for 8 years …

Whats the general opinion on this ? anyone else been in this position ? - The quote was higher than Esteem but its the principle actually

Yes, same here.
Got the letter from the company that Ive been driving for 10 years a company car without claims and they gave me immediately full no claims discount.

I still don’t understand it fully. but it works.


Before “signing up”, I suggest that you speak with John Ormerod (JohnO) @ Autotorque on 0161 278 5226.

Andy, been in this situation quite a few times, a letter from the copmpany has always sufficed and never had a problem.

Thanks for the help everyone - Rob many thanks for the call

That’s worked for me too.