Insurance, advice for a younger driver

Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you had any advice as to the best places for insuring an Elise (s1)… any of you younger drivers found some good quotes? Any help would be massivly appreciated =)Dan - Gearbox Software.

Hi Dan,Depends what you mean by young I guess… I was 23 when I bought mine. It is an S1 with a number of mods taking it to around 145 - 150bhp. I had 5 years no claims, lived in a low insurance area etc etc. Direct Line were (and still are) the best despite spending at least �20 every year on telephone calls to insurance companies. (�680 two years ago, just over �700 now apparently down to ‘other people’)BTW - if you have access to another car and you won’t be doing 000’s of miles, limit the mileage on the policy it will bring the premium down [image][/image]

Have you tried Lotus Esteem?They weren’t competitive for me a few months ago but after they’d changed underwriters I was pleasantly surprised.Ian [image][/image]

Thanks for the info, I will post any quotes I get later, in case it helps someone else out in the future.CheersDan