Instructions for fitting a 101 pully

Ok I’m going to upgrade to 190BHP.� I have all the parts I need but I’m after some advice.

Looking through the service notes on fitting the cam pully it looks easy enough.� I Have a cam locking tool so I can undo and redo the cam pullys bolt But getting the new pully at the right place looks interesting.

Anybody done this themselves and if so has anybody got any tips or a step by step guide to doing this ??



Some dealer can’t even do this right, so take care.

(e.g. my dealer!!)

I’m not a techno but I can tell you what you are aiming to do…

Hopefully one of the technos can read my post and confirm it is OK…

The original pulley has two lobes coming off the central hole and the dowell pin which locates it and locks it to the cam will be in one of them already…

The new pulley is just like the original except that it has an extra lobe machined (i.e. it has three lobes).

You are supposed to lock off the two pulleys, remove the inlet pulley and replace it with the new one on the original hole, remove the lock and the belt, and then remove the dowell pin on the inlet and turn it to the new lobe position and reinsert the dowell. Put the belt back on and job done.

The extra advance comes from the time when you turn the inlet and not the exhaust…

Techno-confirmation please !!

As Mike says, even the dealers cant get it right.

I would not remove the roll pin, get the engine to 90BTDC and lock the cam pulleys. Take a note of the markings on the sprockets which should form a straight line. Undo the bolt securing the inlet sprocket and make a note of the radial position of the roll pin/slot. Now slacken the tensioner and remove the inlet sprocket.

Take the new sprocket and you will see a third slot machined. Place the new pulley over the original on a flat surface so that the new slot lines up with the slot marked ‘IN’ on the original, hold the two sprockets together and ensure that the slots line up. Transpose the pulley markings from the old pulley to the new pulley , you will see that they are in a different position to the original markings. Make sure that you know which side of the new pulley has the arrow mark transposed from the original. Ignore the old markings on the new pulley, bolt the pulley on then use the new transposed marks to align the pulley with the exhaust one so that the marks on the pulley line up in a straight line with the arrows both pointing in the same direction. then re-insert the locking tool. The inlet cam should be very near its original radial position since the adjustment is only 8 degrees.

Refit the cam belt and re-tension.


Hi there, surely this isn’t your first post helping us exigers out is it?? anyway, a big welcome from me… cheers and thanks

can’t get more techno than that

I learned it all from Dave Andrews anyway…

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