Induction Kits

Hi Each and All,

New to lotus and have just aquired a S2 NA Exige.

Whats yer thoughts on induction kits. Are they worth it? which one to get? Any known probs when fitted.

Please tell me all the horrors!

The old ones are fiddly to remove, most of the induction kits don’t appear to add any power and they also will randomly turn on the MIL light for running to lean. Best option I have found is the Lotus Sport airbox loads of extra noise and no MIL, probably no power either…

Sounds like you have Darth Vader riding shotgun.

Is the Lotus Sport airbox good for N/A cars? I’ve only ever heard of it being recommended for supercharged Exiges.

I don’t see why it would not be ok on a N/A caras it is just a bigger element and a larger inlet hole in the airbox.

Looks like the answer is dont bother then. I will save the dosh and put it towards some rubber as it dont seem to last long :slight_smile:

I am pleased with the car as it is anyway but I have seen several strings about induction kits and just wanted to know if its worth the bother. if there is no real performance gain then its a no goer me thinks