indoor cover

I was wondering if anyone has purchased a tailored dust cover for their Exige recently?If so,where was is bought from and are you pleased with the quality and fit etc? Thanks for any advise…

I have an official Lotus one. It fits perfectly, is good quality and has things like a special covering for the exhaust to stop it making the rest of cover dirty, plus some amusing embroidery. The bad news is they’re quite pricy.


I have an outdoor one from Specialised Car Covers that I am very pleased with. They do indoor ones too and supply to many manufactuers for shows.


Thanks for your replies…I’ll make some enquiries on Monday !

FOA: Lord Whitter.I see what you mean about the official Lotus covers for the Exige being ‘quite pricey’… Blimey FOA: IDG.Specialised car covers wanted a lot less,and they seem to make some good products.Still a lot of money tho’

The clever waterproof/breathable one was just over �200, so I’d have thought the indoor one was much less!



After reading all this I thought Id see just how much the Lotus cover is…

How Much!

Good job Ive got a brand new one sat in my bedroom. Came with the car! Previous owner must have bought it

Shame I havent got a garage so I could use it

Come on then, how much??


I paid 100 quid or so for a SH one, that was as new - I think the list is about 300 quid

Bell and Colvill’s price is �425!!!

And not even waterproof

The one I sometimes use on the drive was �20 from Argos

Yeah,Robbo is about right!My dealer wanted �380 + vat