In the post

Just got my Nitrons, Nylotron bushes and new ball joints/track rod ends through the post. In a few days time my car will turn corners as well as it goes… can’t wait.

You are going to be shocked at how much body roll there was in the car when you have the nitrons fitted. If you can remove front and rear clams as it makes ride height adjustment a piece of cake. I had to remove mine anyway so it worked out nicely.

Can anyone tell me the difference between the adjustment for ride height and the adjustment for corner weighting?

Both use the same adjustment (the spring platform).

I’m expecting a massive difference in body roll. Should be good.

That was what I thought, but if you get the ride heights right, how can you then make changes to the corner weightings?

Or do you have to compromise between the two?

You shouldn’t have to move the spring platforms much to get the corner weights sorted. Remember to sit in the car when you do the ride height/corner weights though.

I’m looking at setting my ride height this weekend and it looks like a major PITA to loosen all of the pivot bolts. Anyone have any tips - I won’t be removing the clams.