In the market for an S2

Hi all

Just joined the forum as I’m in the market for an S2 Exige.

It would be my first Lotus and I’d be looking to get back into trackdays in the UK and abroad, after 10 ish years out. Plan is to drive to trackdays and not chase laptimes, but improve my driving and get on some interesting tracks in a great car!

Car history is mostly “interesting” (to me!) things from the late 1990s and 2000s, so TVRs (Chimaera 400, Cerbera 4.5), BMW M3 Evo and E39 M5, Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo etc. Cars I used on track went 306 Gti-6, Alfa 155, Clio 172 and then a couple of k-series Caterhams that I owned jointly with a mate - the later car was DVA-tweaked so c.185bhp and 540kg - it was excellent. Just sold a Mercedes CLS55 and now in an Audi S6 avant (the TT V8). I’ve owned some decent motorbikes too (Triumph Speed 4 and Street Triple, BMW F800R, Ducati Monster 821) but leaving that for now as I won’t have time (or money/space!) for both bikes and trackdays.

I love the research process of a new car and think car forums are great, especially for more niche models (Fiat Coupe and TVRs, Alfa are a case in point) and there seems a wealth of knowledge on here and elsewhere. I’ve joined SELOC as well (based SE London/NW Kent) so hopefully see some of you in person on road/track in due course, once I’ve found a car!

Finally, I love a brightly-coloured car so yellow/orange Exiges are my focus :smiley:


Welcome Neal, feel free to ask questions :+1: