In qualifying order...

So which series of Exige is the fastest? Photographic evidence from the latest LCEE round that S3’s are only marginally quicker than a John Deere :smiley:

Ha haaaa


LoL, are you sure he is not coming up to lap them?

Great pic Wes, although raises the question of circuit safety!!

Is he actually mowing the grass whilst the circuit is live?

Ha ha ha that’s quality…

I’d be just behind the tractor I reckon…

I saw the photo on the LCEE Facebook page and was greatly amused :slight_smile:. I think it’s the Pannoniaring in Hungary , somewhere I haven’t heard of but I’m sure Pierre knows it. No idea if the track is live or just sighting laps? Looks a bit iffy :-/

I’m assuming the VHPD engined S1 was so far ahead it couldn’t be caught in the same frame :laughing: